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The doorbell dings and the community has sent in the first visitor.  Now it is essential this person is placed in the right program.  Who will it be?  Is it a rooster, a hen, or an egg?  The most important idea to remember is that everyone is something.  The whole community needs to be involved and the fact that this person took the time to walk in the door means they have an interest.  They could be at a tire store or donut shop.  They chose to walk into this accelerator.  Now the only option is to find out why.

An egg working their in house service hours should staff the receptionist area and showroom.  Until the center has enough eggs it may be the center’s owner.  There will be no one better to present the incubator and accelerator than the owner.  Take these initial days as a learning experience and create a training manual for the future eggs that will work the position.

The key to each walk-in visitor is to find out what  category they fit into.  Everyone is something.  Are they an Egg, Rooster or a Hen?  Ask them questions without making it seem like an interrogation.

Would you like a tour?

What kind of business are you in?

Are you interested in growing a business with us?

We are always looking for professionals to provide expertise to our young companies would you be interested?

Can I explain our products and services to you?

Do you see anything that catches your eye in our showroom?

After feeling a visitor’s intentions out with questions be sure to take down their name and contact information.  As soon as they walk out the door go ahead and write a thank you letter for stopping by and drop it in the mail.  Thank them for what they suggested, what they bought, items they dropped off, or the time they volunteered.  Everyone who takes the time to come into the incubator and accelerator is something.  The center must make them feel welcome and inclined to come back anytime.  We are working on building a strong sense of community with each person that calls, walks through the door, or asks about our incubator and accelerator.