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As the incubator and accelerator grows and the amount of in-house businesses increase so will the ease of tours.  The spirit of entrepreneurship will resonate through the building and it will be very contagious.

Another individual walks in the door to the reception area.  The center’s egg working the desk has been trained to give everyone a full tour of the incubator’s operations.  She starts the tour in the educational area.  The computer lab has several entrepreneurs sharpening their marketing and accounting skills taking free online college courses.  There are also several community members reading business books from the free business library.  A community resident drops off a stack of  college finance workbooks almost in unison.

As they walk through the building, the guide mentions each person who has room named and dedicated to them, and why.  Also she details which rooms still need sponsorship in case the person touring might be a rooster.

Next she walks into an office and introduces the tour to a group of eggs currently working on product design and testing.  The eggs explain their businesses and challenges they are facing in turning a profit.

Finally, they make their way into the incubator and accelerator showroom and detail each of the in house products and services to the visitors.  Last she asks them if they know anyone who could benefit by being involved with the center.  She then encourages them to think of a son, daughter, granddaughter, nephew, or friend with a fledgling small business or maybe just an idea.  If the answer is no, then she asks what skills the visitor might have to offer.  The final question is if there is anything in the showroom they would like to try from the offering of goods and services.

The front desk is the first line of sales and success for the incubator and accelerator.  This position will be staffed by an egg that needs work on their sales and marketing skills.  Everyone who comes in will be pitched, toured, and hopefully closed on something.  Even if it a $1.00 postcard.  The center must sell them a good, service, or involvement in the incubator and accelerator.  This is the true


definition of letting the entrepreneur do the business.  Everyone is something to the incubator and accelerator.