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I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit within me.  From the time I was 5 years old, my sisters and I would set up mini convenience stores in our bedrooms.  We would peddle toys, stickers, and other wares to each other in exchange for left over allowance money.

By the time I was 7 years old, I would walk down to the Jefferson County Courthouse in Dandridge, Tennessee. I shined shoes on days that they held court.  Next, in high school I paid for my second car hawking bayonets from an army surplus store.  I would buy and resell the bayonets on Yahoo Auctions for healthy profits.  Yahoo Auctions was a service that pre-dated E-bay, and operated in a similar fashion.

After college I started a taxi service, then moved on to creating LakeFun.com.  I followed these endeavors up with my most successful business venture to date, writing books.  This is my 16th title I have published and topped bestseller lists in multiple categories.

The key to being an entrepreneur is not taking classes, reading books, or listening to speeches from other successful entrepreneurs.  It is more simply going out and doing it.  Failures will happen.  This is the basis for my startup incubator and business accelerator guide.  With each misstep comes a smidgen of growth, knowledge, and wisdom that can be used in a subsequent business endeavor.

Through the creation of multiple startups I have created a system of best practices and an ability to mentor other startups in the incubation and acceleration of their ideas.  I will share these practices with hopes that more startups are born from the ideas I present.