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The next must have item is slowly becoming a business and personal tool of the past.  Most people of older generations routinely wrote and received letters and thank you cards on a regular basis.  With the advent of text, e-mails, and SnapChats they are nearly extinct.  The incubator and accelerator is going to bring this tradition back to the community in a big way, as the center thrives to fix a business broken community.

The main goal will be to foster an environment of being grateful.  After every interaction, take down the name of the individual that was involved.  As soon as one returns to the incubator and accelerator write them a simple three-sentence thank you card.  The key is to thank them specifically for whatever they did.  Even if it was just advice.  It would not matter if the person slammed their office door in someone’s face.  The center would write a card thanking them for not slamming their foot in the door.  Simple gratitude can go a long way. The center will eventually send out a few thousand of these.  By this time the incubator will have friends all around the community.  Everyone involved will feel a real connection because of the extra time the center takes to show unparalleled thankfulness.