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As the incubator and accelerator grows so will the collaboration between companies.  The weekly meetings will guarantee this.  This meeting will be made up of a 30-minute improvisational comedy session followed by each business leader discussing their previous week and what they plan to do the following week.  The final 15 minutes will be a collaborative brainstorming session where all the businesses work together to solve issues and find ways to work together.

During the 30 min improvisational comedy portion of the meeting the main goal is to have fun, be prepared for anything, and teach business skills using real life situations.  The center’s manager will set up a 30-minute session at each meeting.  For someone who is are unfamiliar with improvisational comedy, it goes along the lines of the hit TV show “Whose Line is it Anyways?”.  Only in this instance we use it for sharpening business skills.

The center manager acts as the moderator and the  business leaders will work together in the retail showroom and around the incubator and accelerator.  The goal is to choose scenarios to sharpen their weaknesses.

The next part of the meeting is a business rundown each leader should set goals and talk about the goals from the previous week they accomplished.  The brainstorming session allows everybody in the incubator and accelerator to collaborate and improve their ideas with no consequences.

These weekly meetings are mandatory and  eggs will get the most out of working with other businesses in all areas of the incubation and acceleration cycle.  I suggest a fine of at least $15 for any egg that does not attend a chapter meeting without a proper excuse.